Does affiliate marketing work?

June 28, 2009

If you are out of a job like so many world wide these days you may have heard of affiliate marketing, and may bee wondering if it works. Well I would say it does. Like anything you have to put some effort in to it, however you should see some results. You most likely will not make hundreds of thousands over night like some experts claim but making 500 a week is certainly doable. If you are interested in getting into Affiliate marketing I highly recommend reading

Are Panic Attacks On the Rise?

May 4, 2009

So as I was surfing the net this weekend I came across some information on stopping panic Attacks. Now I new a little bit about panic and anxiety attacks but was stunned on just how many people are searching for things such as how can I stop panic attacks or I need to bring my anxiety attacks under control. I then came upon a website from Joe Barry who himself struggled with panic attacks for years. After reading how he tried so many treatments only to have nun of them work I realized that Joe wants to help as many people as possible. This is evident in the free Minnie course that people can sign up for on his website. If you struggle with Anxiety or panic attacks I encourage you to visit his site

The US government is going to spend $7.2 Billion on improving the internet?

March 29, 2009

So as I was combing thru various online sources for the latest tech news I came upon this article

Is our information safe with our ISPs?

March 28, 2009

I was reading some tech news on

I’ll call you online.

March 28, 2009

As I was looking through online sources for the latest technology news I found an article titled

Do computer experts contradict each other to gain more business?

March 28, 2009

With the threat of a computer worm set to strike on April first, and the media interviewing all sorts of computer store owners I can’t help but wonder if they are saying different things to gain more business. I mean one expert will say as long as your anti-virus and

Has technology taken over our lives?

March 24, 2009

I have often pondered this question and as I usually do I was reading other blogs that relate to anything that has to do with technology when I stumbled upon this post,

Is your car online?

March 24, 2009

Now after reading the title of this post you are probably wondering if I haven’t slept in a few days. I can asure you I have and the saying popped in my head after reading

Is user feedback on Facebook Ignored?

March 23, 2009

So I was searching on google today for the latest technology news when I found a blog post titled

What’s on TV tonight?

March 22, 2009

I have to admit I am not a huge TV watcher; however the idea of


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